Saturday, April 14, 2018

Feathering our Nest

Since we finished the upstairs, I've stopped posting (or being productive in basically any other way at all) because I've been spending every free moment basking in the amazingness of my bedroom.

But even as the interior work on the house slows down - for now anyway, there's still plenty to do - spring is springing, and the homestead is calling.

Which brings me to today's big news! Meet the newest members of our feathered family.

The Speckled Sussex is named Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Duchess). Her eggs will be light brown. Fun fact: apparently this breed gets more speckled as they age. So although she's mostly brown and black now with just a few white spots on her head, she'll get more white spots every year.

The Cuckoo Maran is named Hennifer Lopez. Marans lay gorgeous deep, dark brown eggs. I'm really excited to have her!

And we couldn't resist one more Ameraucana, colloquially called an "easter egger" because they lay blue or green eggs. We named her Blanche to complete our trio of golden girls. (The two easter eggers we already have are Rose and Dorothy. Originally there was supposed to be a Blanche too, but she promptly revealed herself to be a Stanley.)

The new girls are two months old, so they'll hang out in our downstairs bathtub for a few weeks (which we can do! Because we have two bathrooms now! You build a country girl a new bathroom, and she fills the old one up with chickens.) Then we'll put them out in the coop with the others, but separated by a wire barrier for the first month, so that they can see and hear but not touch each other. The purpose of that is to avoid the older girls bullying the smaller ones. I'm a little nervous about the introduction process, so we'll see how it goes.

Love under the heat lamp.
Front left: Hennifer Lopez. Back left: Duchess. Back right: Blanche.
Welcome to the family, ladies!

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