Monday, November 6, 2017

Fencing the Goods

As a birthday present, I asked for us to hire some help finishing up the stonework and the fence. Yes, my birthday is in July. Yes, it's now November. That one got away from us a little bit.

Anyway, it's so much fun to see it finally coming together! And it's even more fun to have someone else do the work for a while...

Fence in late summer

Fence in fall
Okay, we may have taken a lot of photos of this scene through the seasons. Monet had his haystacks, I have my fence.

Flagstone pathway

And flagstone stairs!

There are still a million things I want to do in the yard that aren't finished yet, but this visible progress is really nice. And so is being able to walk out of the house without getting mud up to my knees!


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