Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sink your Teeth into This!


Is this even real life? Am I experiencing hallucinations brought on by three years of breathing drywall dust? Did I manifest this mirage out of sheer desperation?

 No, it's still there! I double checked.

So it's not 100% installed yet - there's some caulking to do and the water is still turned off until we also get the rest of the fixtures in. But that is going to take literally just a few days! In one mere week, we will have functional running water upstairs for THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER.

Can you tell I am a wee little bitty bit happy? Having our first bathroom fixture installed is an enormous milestone.

PS - you know you are officially an adult when Grownup You is more excited about the plumber than Little Kid You was about Santa.

I guess I need to tone down the hyperactive celebrations, because even the dog is looking at me like I'm nuts.

More close-ups of the fixtures and shots of the whole room to come. I just couldn't wait to post the first photo! It's going to be an amazing week. Yesterday we had an empty room with a bunch of holes in the floor and walls; by next week, it will look like a bathroom. Squee!

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