Monday, February 6, 2017


One step closer...

We're cutting and laying out the tile before mortaring it into place.

After much debate over the best place to start the tile (centered on the shower pan? on one corner? for the minimum number of cuts?) we decided to center the first tiles on the doorway. That added a few more cuts (and therefore time), but the real challenge is that, of course, there is not a single right angle anywhere in the entire house. We basically have to decide what looks most like "straight" - and what will best hide the room's oddly trapezoidal shape - and then make it work. I think we've invented a whole new theory of geometry, in which shape is more a function of willpower than actual space.

 I'm still madly in love with our tile. The pictures don't do justice to the gorgeous texture and tone, like tumbled unfinished marble. Just laying it out already makes the room feel like a spa!

Hermie hopes we'll spend lots of time in the new bathroom, so it's easier for her to steal the bed.

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