Monday, January 16, 2017

Optimus Primer

Our room is a transformer - going from a half-finished construction-blue project to a real room, with just a couple coats of paint.

We knew we wanted the master suite to be mostly white, but that opens the door to a million possibilities. There are endless shades and choices for white paint. I wanted a slightly warm white so the room would feel cozy and inviting, but not one so yellow it would clash with the gray tile.

Thankfully, we have a foolproof selection process. 

Okay, we also may have spent a lot of time comparing paint swatches to our other tile and finishes. But Hermie had a pretty good nose for the right choice.

We chose Sherwin-Williams Alabaster White (their 2016 Color of the Year), with Tricorn Black as an accent color. We like a matte look, but a higher gloss offers more resistance and easier cleaning in a bathroom; so we settled on satin finish.

It's going to look great!

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