Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Getting Hot in Here...

Because we're installing our radiant-heat under the tile in the bathroom!

I'm really excited to have these (warm tootsies 4eva) but I'm also a little nervous about this part of the process. Installation seems pretty easy - unroll the mats, stick them to the floor, mortar and tile over - but f you nick or damage the wires, you can knock out a whole mat. And they're not cheap. Even worse, if you don't realize what's happened until after you install the tile, the only way to fix it is to rip out the floor. So we're going to be veeeeeeery careful. 

We're using electric mats, and we went for a type that would be warm enough to actually be the main source of heat for the room. Right out of the box - it's amazing how small these mats are.

So much worry and expense for something so tiny.
The unrolling and positioning begins... can you tell we're excited?

We ran into a little trouble adhering the mats to the floor. The instructions suggested duct tape or double stick tape, which wouldn't stick to the floor. We ended up using hot glue, which worked like a charm. 

Too bad someone stole the instructions...
So pretty!

Now that it's down, we can attach an alarm that will let us know if we break the connection. So far, so good. Next we'll tack it down with a thin layer of mortar, do a final test, and then tile over it. I can't wait!


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