Sunday, November 13, 2016

Joy in Mudville

Dear drywall professionals,

We tried to hire you to tape and mud for us. Truly, we did. Although both of us are avid DIY-ers, happy to lay floors, install tile, hang drywall, demolish drywall, and paint everything that will hold still, we did not want to do this ourselves. It's a mess. It takes forever. It's a horrible mess. It takes a lot of experience to do a really good job. And did I mention that it's a gigantic, hideous mess?

But since you were too busy, too expensive, or just plain not interested in our tiny project, here we are. Doing it ourselves. Like we do.

Pray for us,
A very messy couple

But despite this initial setback, there is indeed joy in mudville. Our first coat of mud is up, and to be honest, it wasn't that bad. Of course, that's because we haven't started the really messy bit yet... the sanding. Oh, the sanding.

And although we did this ourselves, we were not alone. Our good friends, people on YouTube who actually know what they're doing, were invaluable in helping us figure out the best techniques and materials.This was one of our favorites:

And of course, we're grateful for our favorite helper, who keeps us sane when she's not busy dipping her tail in the dirty water bucket.

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