Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lavender Blue, Lavender Green

That's actually a somewhat odd refrain for a song, since as far as I know, lavender is pretty much always purple.

Or at least, the brand new lavender hedge in our garden will be!

On a whim, I talked Brett into taking me to the garden store over Labor Day weekend. It's our anniversary, so I guess he was more prepared to indulge me in far too much time and money spent cooing over various plants and complaining about the current sorry state of our yard.

We've wanted to plant lavender along the rock raised beds for a long time. It will look gorgeous against the stone, and add color and scent to the vegetable garden. It's a crop in its own right. Plus, lavender attracts bees and pollinators. I've seen quite a bit of it around, so I assume it does well here although it's not as dry and sandy as it prefers.

I wandered over to the lavender plants... just to look, of course!... right. One of the staff members helped us figure out which variety would be best for us, and then let us know that it was all on sale for 40% off. Who could resist? We bought an entire flat of 'Grosso' lavender.

We spaced them about 2 feet apart all the way along the wall. The plants are small now, but when they're full grown they'll fill in most of the gaps between them.

Lavender likes a lot of drainage, and our soil tends towards a heavier clay. So to improve drainage and keep weeds down, I mulched with pea gravel.

Schlepping around literal bags of rocks is tiring, but at least the cool fall weather is perfect for hot, sweaty outdoor work. I love fall!

And so does Hermie. 
I can't wait to watch the lavender fill in.

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