Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shower Panned

It's a big milestone for our bathroom - the shower pan is installed!

This was the last big step we needed to accomplish before we can tile the floor. Now all we need to do is get to it!

(We decided to drywall first, to avoid making a hideous mess on the newly-installed tile, so it will still be a bit before the tile goes down. But WE ARE READY.)

We also fixed the location of the tub and filler.

We've since moved them both back out of the room until after the tile is done. But I can almost see what it will look like when it's finished! If I squint, anyway.

Having it all so-close-but-not-quite-there is a huge motivator to pick up the pace on our work. So I'm off to install some drywall!

Hermione is also begging for the new bathroom to be done.

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