Saturday, June 4, 2016


Awww, cute doggy butts. So pudgy and waggy. In our house, you are likely to find a wiggly behind:

a. directly in front of your face and or/feet when you're trying to get something done
b. in any sunny spot on the floor
c. making a permanent indent in the back of the couch, or
d. mounted on the wall.

Wait, what?

A friend who was moving offered us a lawnmower he didn't need anymore. When we went over to pick it up, he asked if we wanted any of a few other odds and ends. We took a look and quickly found... DOGGY BUTT WALL HOOKS.

I couldn't resist.

So cute!

Double cute.

The cutest!
(Hermie and wigglebutt buddies are being walked and photographed by Aunty Min's Specialized Pet Care, Inc.

Okay, I just had to squee about the intolerable adorableness of it all. Now back to my regularly scheduled bitching and moaning about the upstairs renovation.

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