Friday, June 24, 2016

When Construction is like Lasagna

We're making floor lasagna!

Seriously, there are so many layers in this floor. I have a whole new respect for the hidden depths of floors.

Already in place:

Layer 1: Insulation
Layer 2: Plywood

The next step is to lay down the moisture-resistant tile backer board, which needs to be mortared into place. So... I guess in my lasagna metaphor, that makes it the tomato sauce?


Layer 3: Mortar

Mix it up

Spread it out

Layer 4: Backer board

Measure and cut.
(We actually did this step first. But putting it here works better for the lasagna metaphor. DON'T JUDGE MY ART.)

Plunk (and screw) it down


Wipe the seams and any excess mortar with a damp sponge. Wait 24 hours for the mortar to set. Then go back through and grout the seams.

Celebrate with love! Very dusty love.

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