Sunday, May 1, 2016

Make your own Frozen Yogurt

It's finally warm enough to break out the ice cream maker!

We've been indulging our habit at the local fro-yo spot a little too frequently lately, so we decided to try making strawberry frozen yogurt. It was even easier than making ice cream, and it's delicious!
2 c vanilla yogurt (we used full fat)
1/2 c whole milk
1/4 c sugar
12 oz frozen strawberries


Puree the berries.

I promise what's in the blender is strawberries. Yeah. Strawberries.
 You can strain out the seeds at this point if you want to; we didn't.

Whisk the yogurt, milk, and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved.

Mix the berry puree into the yogurt base.

Turn the machine on, pour your mix into the spinning bowl, and let it freeze and mix until it's thick, about 20-30 minutes.

This recipe is adapted from the Very Berry Frozen Yogurt recipe in the recipe booklet that comes with your Cuisinart ice cream maker. But we made a few changes (full fat yogurt instead of lowfat, strawberries instead of mixed berries, not straining out the seeds) ... and maybe one of those is the reason why this mixture did not actually fit into the machine. It looked like it did at first, but by the end...

Messy but delicious.

Put the frozen yogurt into a container and pop it in the freezer for at least two hours. We found these fancypants ice cream containers on sale, and I have to say I really like them - the shape keeps the ice cream from forming too many ice crystals, it fits in the freezer really well, and it's easy to scoop.

Available at Williams-Sonoma.

Then enjoy the final result!

The cleanup crew celebrates with walkies.

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