Sunday, May 22, 2016

Law & Order: SVU (Special Vegetables Unit)

A murder has been committed.

The victim: My strawberry patch.

The clues:
  • Yesterday, the strawberry patch was lush, full of rapidly growing green foliage and oodles of little soon-to-be strawberries. Today, all the leaves are gone, and the corpses of tiny unripe fruits are strewn around with heartless abandon.

Exhibit A.

  • Evidence of munching was also discovered on the peas nearby.
Exhibit B.

Based on these photographs, police have created a rendering of what they believe the culprit may look like. If seen, please report to proper authorities immediately. We believe the perpetrator remains at large, and is likely to strike again.

Our highly sophisticated garden intruder alarm seems to be broken, so we're taking advantage of some unexpectedly nice weather today to put up extra fencing.

Said highly sophisticated garden intruder alarm, neglecting her duties in favor of working on her tan.

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