Saturday, May 7, 2016

Insular Thinking

With all the plumbing and electrical work inside the floor done, we're ready to insulate.

Brett is a green-product guru, so he knew right off the bat what we should use. No itchy fiberglass insulation for us! For the floor, we used a blown-in insulation made primarily from recycled cellulose. Much more eco-friendly, and definitely much safer and more comfortable to work with.

Glasses-fogging safety equipment still required. And knee pads. All the knee pads.

Normal humans would rent a blower to quickly and evenly fill the joist spaces with insulation. So naturally, we didn't.

At our first pass, we didn't buy enough to get the blower rental for free (though we underestimated and ultimately ended up with a lot more). Instead, we installed it by hand. It did take longer, but it was actually sort of fun. You just take a big handful of the insulation and fluff/separate it to an even texture, then toss it in the joist space until it's dense enough to be slightly springy. It's a repetitive task and mostly lets your mind wander. If there isn't already some kind of meditation using floor insulation, I'd like to propose one. Zen and the Art of Home Renovation, anyone?

As a reminder, this is what the floor looked like when we started.

Goal of the day: Nobody steps on a pipe.
 Hermione made sure to regularly inspect our process.

Somehow she knows not to walk in the joist spaces.

Sniffing them is okay, though.

 All done!

 Now we can start installing the sub-floor. Which means we will be able to ACTUALLY WALK AROUND in our bathroom. Yes, that is the kind of thing I get excited about these days. 

Lest you think we're done with insulation, though, the walls still await...

Dum dum DUMMMM

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