Sunday, April 10, 2016


Breathe easy - we installed the exhaust fan in our bathroom.

I had absolutely no idea how many options there are in the world of vent fans. Brett spent several weeks geeking out over terms I'd never heard, like "CFM" and "sones." (I'm still not totally convinced that last one is a real thing.) We needed a fan that we could install in the wall instead of the ceiling because we have skylights, a requirement complicated by our unusually shallow walls.

After what even this librarian thinks is a mind-boggling amount of research, Brett settled on the Panasonic WhisperFit. It fits in our walls, is inhumanely quiet, and is uber energy efficient.

He named it Wilbur.

Nice to meet you, Wilbur.

Installing Wilbur was fairly straightforward - just a few steps - but definitely not easy.

First, we had to overcome the emotional trauma of drilling a large hole in the side of the house.

Here we go...


Second, this operation required several trips onto the roof. We had hoped to drill the hole from the outside, so we weren't pushing out on the siding. Brett's first trip up quickly revealed that there wasn't enough room under the eaves to wedge the drill in.

Then he needed to go up again to install the vent and flap. I stood inside holding the fan duct in place, while he attached the vent to it from the outside.

It's a little bit eerie to have a conversation through the second-floor wall. With the interior of the wall open to the studs, there was only an inch or two of plywood and siding between us. Brett and I could talk easily and even work on the same piece of duct. But I'm safe inside and he's balancing on the roof, and we can't see or touch each other. I imagine this is what it would feel like to be haunted.

Two days, a borrowed ladder, and lots of swearing later, we have an exhaust fan!

And now we're exhaust-ed. (See what I did there? I crack myself up.)

While we were making a mess, Hermione was getting all cleaned up. Here she is right after grooming, complete with adorable little bandana!

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