Monday, March 21, 2016


We chose some tile!

This was the last major design decision for the bathroom. That also made it one of the most difficult, because the tile needed to fit in with all the other pieces we already have. We started off by thinking we wanted a polished marble look on the floor, but we weren't sure what we wanted for the shower.

Since it's hard to get a good idea of what tile is really like online, we took a field trip to the tile showrooms. Super fun! (And since that's the kind of thing I think is fun now, I guess I'm officially old.)

Here's what we chose:

The tile on the left is the floor tile. It's a marble-look porcelain, with a rough brushed finish - we liked that a lot better than the polished, and I think it will be less slippery if the floor is wet. We'll use large 18"x18" tiles on the floor, and smaller squares for the floor of the shower.

The mosaic on the right will be the wall of the shower. It's recycled glass! This shows the mix of colors we picked, but instead of all squares we'll have a mix of various sized rectangles and squares.

Here's how it all looks against the shower tower:

Eeeeeee, it's going to be so pretty!!

Does it pass the sniff test?
Hermie approves! And by approves, I mean licks.

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