Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Henry Situation Room: Day 3

Henry Toe Debacle, Day 3.

At the end of the first day of treating Henry's scraped toe, all looked well. The wound was clean and disinfected, and Henry was safely sequestered from the girls. We continued disinfecting it morning and night.

But after a day, it was bleeding again. So we repeated the whole bath procedure. This morning it looked better, but there was still a small area that had reopened overnight. Time to haul out the big guns.

I went to the feed store and got Vetrap (a bandaging tape for animals) and antiseptic spray (way easier to apply than our bottle of hydrogen peroxide). I was planning on getting an antibiotic cream, but the feed store staff assured me that plain old Neosporin would do the trick.

Seriously, this is why I love living here. I can just walk into a local shop and know someone will be there to swap chicken raising tips with me.

Tomorrow, we strike at dawn. We ambush Henry, disinfect and apply antibiotics, and bandage him up.

If we don't make it out alive, we love you all.

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