Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sink Bowl 50!!

I hear people are excited about some kind of sportsball thing this weekend. Since my hand-eye coordination means that the only sport I'm good at is competitive napping, my game day participation will be limited to eating all the nachos. But I've still found a way to get into the competitive spirit!

Welcome to SINK BOWL 50, competitive bathroom remodeling!

Hubby said we could get the master bathroom done "by spring." Spring officially starts Sunday, March 20. So I have unilaterally decided that we are going to interpret this statement as "the bathroom will be complete by March 20." Brett doesn't think that's going to happen. So now, that game is on!
Our challenge to ourselves: 1.5 months to go from empty studs to moved-in master suite. I'll track our progress here. May the odds be ever in our favor!

But, since nothing is getting done while the game is on, for now I'll just kick back and watch puppies run around on a football field.

My loves open for the puppy bowl.

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