Sunday, February 21, 2016

Oh, Joi (-sts)

It happens about halfway though every home renovation show. Everything is looking peachy; the design is final, the budget and timeline set, the work begun. The contractor begins demo and ... disaster. It might be black mold, or insane DIY wiring, or an ancient Indian burial ground beneath the subfloor. Then the hapless homeowners, who have not budgeted one cent for this sort of thing (apparently they never watched HGTV before appearing on it), now have to make some choices.

Well, apparently we're 12 minutes into the 30-minute show of our renovation.

Since a photo cannot express the colorful language that accompanied this moment, I'll just say that this subfloor removal was brought to you by the letter F (plus three other letters), and the word WHYYYYYYYY??

 We opened up the floor upstairs so the plumber can run the pipes for the new bathroom. And we thought we knew what we were going to find. Brett had previously drilled some exploratory holes so he could assess the size of the joists and the space between them. 

Of course, that was based on the assumption that these would be uniform across the whole floor. Very silly of us. 

We uncovered this odd hodgepodge of beams that are too short and sistered to extra supports, joists of different widths, spaces of different sizes, large vents where there shouldn't be any at all, you name it.

Brett is doing a little extra shoring up, but has determined that it's all actually safe - just odd. The plumber thinks he can work with it. So we might actually avoid any major delay or expense... but I wouldn't say we're out of the woods yet. Knock on some wood for me, please! 

Hermie does her part by sitting on wood.

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