Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Off the Wall

In preparation for the new upstairs bathroom, we needed to do some work downstairs. The pipes have to make it down to the crawl space somehow, after all.

We'll be running the drain pipes through a wall in what we're currently using as our bedroom. I really want to keep the mess in that room to a minimum while we're sleeping in it. So we're just opening up a single bay in the wall. And if I may say so myself, we did a lovely job!

That's probably mostly because Brett banned me from using the sledgehammer or the drywall saw. I think he said something about this being delicate work and avoiding mass destruction,  brute force butchery, giant messes, blah blah blah. My reputation precedes me. 

Scoring the drywall

Safety first!

Open wall, with the first pipes installed!
Hopefully this will be all we need to change in this room until our master bedroom is finished.*

*Edit: In the 24 hours between when I wrote this and when it was time to post, we'd already come up with several more things that need to happen in the bedroom. Messy, dusty things. New plan is to completely cover the room in dropcloths, and then spend the next month pretending I'm living in Misselthwaite Manor.

Where did the bedroom go?

Found the bed!

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