Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cracking the Case

The days are getting longer, and our chickens are loving it! The ladies are back to laying in full force. We're actually getting more eggs now than we were last spring; 3-5 per day instead of 2-3. The olive-colored eggs are new completely.

For the first time, we had every girl lay an egg in the same day. So we were finally able to make some highly scientific guesses about which hen is laying which size and color.

Henry continues to stubbornly refuse to lay any eggs at all.

Surveying his harem.
We have quickly overloaded our egg storage system. I love having a hard boiled egg for breakfast on workdays - healthy and fast! If you want to buy any eggs, or if you can share some great recipes that use lots of them, let us know.

Well. for now there's just one thing to do...

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