Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm Molting, I'm Molting! What a world...

The chickens are molting. Apparently, this is a perfectly natural and healthy process in which suddenly all my hens look like they've contracted an exotic form of mange while simultaneously being mauled by angry mink.

They also quit laying eggs, as all their energy is going towards shedding the old feathers and growing new ones.

This is not my chicken or my sign. I just wish it were. Whoever did this is a genius.

In addition to providing me with a surprisingly large body of chicken-related humor, the Internet tells me that it's important not to stress out the birds while they're molting. So hey, God, if you could quit it with the torrential downpours for a couple weeks, that would be great.

Molting is associated with shorter days, so I've read that adding a light to the coop can prevent or stop it. And the official sources say that this doesn't harm the chickens at all (though the folk wisdom doesn't necessarily agree.) We decided to give it a try by adding a string of solar-powered lights. Except those don't work for the same reason the chickens don't lay - there's no darn sun!

So for this winter, we're resigned to let the chickens stomp around  like tiny, egg-less dinosaurs who lost a fight with a pillow factory. As nature intended.

Our own patchy little freeloading slacker.

And a pic of Henry, just because. He's still doing his job.  Hi, handsome!

 Anyone want to bring me some eggs?

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