Sunday, December 27, 2015

Moms, Maybe Skip this Post

So you know how I was complaining a few posts back that things weren't getting done? I take it all back.

Because today I came home and found this:


Me: WHAT the HELL is that?
Brett: It's a platform! It's the only way I can work on the stair wall.
Me: *blink blink*
Brett: It's a trick I learned doing construction. It's perfectly safe!
Me: *blink*
Brett: Totally safe. Come upstairs, I'll show you.
Me: No.

My mama always told me to be careful what you wish for.

And now I urgently need some wine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm Molting, I'm Molting! What a world...

The chickens are molting. Apparently, this is a perfectly natural and healthy process in which suddenly all my hens look like they've contracted an exotic form of mange while simultaneously being mauled by angry mink.

They also quit laying eggs, as all their energy is going towards shedding the old feathers and growing new ones.

This is not my chicken or my sign. I just wish it were. Whoever did this is a genius.

In addition to providing me with a surprisingly large body of chicken-related humor, the Internet tells me that it's important not to stress out the birds while they're molting. So hey, God, if you could quit it with the torrential downpours for a couple weeks, that would be great.

Molting is associated with shorter days, so I've read that adding a light to the coop can prevent or stop it. And the official sources say that this doesn't harm the chickens at all (though the folk wisdom doesn't necessarily agree.) We decided to give it a try by adding a string of solar-powered lights. Except those don't work for the same reason the chickens don't lay - there's no darn sun!

So for this winter, we're resigned to let the chickens stomp around  like tiny, egg-less dinosaurs who lost a fight with a pillow factory. As nature intended.

Our own patchy little freeloading slacker.

And a pic of Henry, just because. He's still doing his job.  Hi, handsome!

 Anyone want to bring me some eggs?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Madness

The end of the year is always a busy time, but this year seems busier than most. We're both trying to wrap things up at work before the holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas all came straight in a row.

We want to really take the time to appreciate our friends and family, and not commit to so much that we're too tired to enjoy it. So while we're working hard, celebrating with friends, baking cookies, singing, and spoiling our pup, we're not getting a whole lot done on the house.

I have to admit that I alternate between being glad we're prioritizing life experiences over getting things done, and having a panic attack because we're not getting things done. Often several times a second.

Since I doubt we can afford the obvious amount of therapy I need to deal with this, I self-medicate with puppy kisses. Luckily, my lost mind is your gain, because I shall now regale you with adorable Hermione media.

Hermie playing with her buddy Tito

And sassing the dog walker

And giving me the side-eye
My new favorite photo, in which Hermie pretends to be good so I'll give her carrots
No, see, I really am good. Watch how good I am. Can I have your bowl now?

MommmmMMMM! Make him share!
Seems like it's a pretty great holiday after all. As long as I have my little family with me.

This relaxed and tranquil picture brought to you by 7,864 takes in which one of them wasn't looking at the camera.