Sunday, November 22, 2015

Off the Wall

We're building walls!

Now that the old drywall and subfloor has been removed, we're finally framing the walls for the new master bathroom.

These will let us close off the space, and are also part of how we're going to run plumbing and wiring. So they need to happen before anything else can go forward.

Let's just say I know how to nail a stud.

And of course everything in our house is angled or slanted, because apparently I was bad in a past life.

We also have the breakers to upstairs turned off, so we've had to get a little creative about lighting while we work.

Hermione goes bananas every time Brett puts on the headlamp, because she thinks it's time to go outside.
Also, yes, that is Brett. He's in there somewhere.

Wall #1!

Now let's see what's behind Wall #2...

All together now...

Is it a bathroom yet?
Whew! Time for a nap, and then the hardest wall with the door.

We'll get right back at it... after these messages.

1 comment:

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