Sunday, November 15, 2015

Never Buy Dishwasher Detergent Again!

I try to make my own cleaning products when I can. I like knowing exactly what substances I'm exposing my home and family to; plus, it's cheaper, and I can customize things just the way I like them.

One of my favorites is homemade dishwasher powder. It's so easy to make, and it smells amazing!


1c borax
2c washing soda
1c baking soda
6 Tbsp citric acid (you can find it in the canning aisle at most grocery stores)
15-20 drops essential oil

Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

Then add the essential oil, a drop at a time, until the scent is the strength you want. I usually like to combine a citrus and an herb, like grapefruit and rosemary. You could also use something like tea tree oil, which has some mild antiseptic properties.

Then I leave the finished mixture out on the counter for a couple days. I found that if I put it in a jar right away, it would continue to absorb moisture from the air and would turn into a solid cake I couldn't get out again. By letting it acclimate in a bowl, I can easily break up any clumps before storing.

Put it in a pretty jar and you're done! Use as you would any powdered dishwasher detergent, and never buy the premade stuff again.

Leaving you more time to stay home with adorable puppies!

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