Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Fun!

I love fall. It's my absolute favorite time of year to be outside - hiking, picking apples, finding the perfect pumpkin, watching Hermione prance around in the fallen leaves. And there are so many decorating and cooking opportunities to bring the season inside.

(Brett will insist that decorating for fall is completely unnecessary, because I deck the entire house out in orange, red, and yellow all year long. He may have a point. But I try not to let little things like logic get in my way.)

First up: fun with pumpkins!

Next: Decorating!

An autumn welcome, put together from garage sale and drug store finds.

Ghooooooostly lights through the trees. We still only got 1 trick-or-treater.

The whole effect, complete with puppy photobomb.
I tried to decorate the table for fall, but Hermione decided to rearrange things. I came home to find decorative corncob silks ripped up all over the floor, and a mini-pumpkin full of chew marks.

I'm helping! It looks better this way.

I've decided that her costume this Halloween will be Well-Behaved Dog. In our house, that's as much of a mythical creature as a unicorn.

Just kidding (sort of.) She's a bat!

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