Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Goodbye Stanley

It's been a quiet few weeks in term of house projects. Brett lovingly shared his bad cold with me. So work stalled us out for a couple weeks while we slept and drank tea and moaned.

Our very active evenings.

Then last weekend we were out of town for one of my lifelong best friend's wedding. Yay! But again, no house updates.

So the biggest change has been to our little chicken flock.

As I've shared before, two of our girls turned out to be boys. While I don't mind having one rooster, two is not a good situation. So we had to re-home Stanley, our Ameraucana roo. He's a great guy, beautiful and docile, so we hoped we could find a wonderful new home for him. And we did!

I'm happy to say that Stanley is now the sole rooster in a free-range flock with a dozen hens at a nearby educational farm. Instead of being sadly second-place in our pecking order, he appears to be strutting around like a king.

Stanley and his harem

Of course I already miss him and our coop feels a little empty, so I can't wait to get more chicks next season!

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