Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Demolition Derby!

We're celebrating state/county fair season at the Barbakoffs! Some people go to watch trucks or tractors get smashed. We stay home and smash up the walls.

This is the first big step in our huge upstairs remodel. I'm so excited to see this blank slate turn into a gorgeous master suite!

Brett about to make the first incision. Nurse ... scalpel!

Not gonna lie, this was a pretty nerve-wracking moment.

But I got over it.

(And anyone who criticizes my sledging technique is asking for a hammer to the kneecap. You've been warned.)

We found some weird 70s insulation product behind the drywall. Brett actually brought it on the bus for all his architecture buddies to look at and puzzle over. They assure me that it is not asbestos and has only a small chance of making me turn green and grow a second head. I'm glad we wore dust masks!

This must be how Joshua felt at Jericho.
Especially because, as with all my favorite projects, we made a giant mess!

And this is the clean corner.
Obviously Hermione was not allowed upstairs during this process, so there are no puppy pictures. To entertain you (and her, while she was left cruelly alone downstairs), we give you Puppy Contemplating the Meaning of Life and a Stick.

If a stick falls on the carpet, and no one is there to chew it, is it still delicious?

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