Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One Clucky Day: A Chicken Tale

Once upon a time, Brett and Audrey brought home 7 baby chicks. Over the next several months, they raised their girls into fine young ladies.

Then, one fateful morning, they awoke to this sound:

Yes, lovely little ladies Henny Penny AND Blanche had grown up into beautiful young ... men.

So Brett and Audrey changed the roosters' names to Henry Penny and Stanley, and will probably have to send Stanley away from the other Golden Girls to go live with a friend.

The End.

(Or at least it had better be the end. No more gender surprises, please...)


  1. One of our "hens" also grew up to be a rooster and unfortunately, living in Seattle, we couldn't keep him. I was surprised how fast we were able to give him away though. Some guy bought him from me for $10.

    1. I'm glad yours found a home! We are going to keep one - the city allows it here and our neighbors are great about it. But since the hens wouldn't appreciate having two boys around for long, one has to find a new roost.

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