Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Sewed Something!

I made a slipcover!

I've only had the fabric for this project for oh ... a year? Two years?  But I've been putting it off for the teeny, minor reason that I CAN'T SEW.

Okay, I can sew. Kind of. I can stick some pins in a hem and run it through the machine in a more or less (usually less) straight line. But accurately measuring, cutting, and neatly lining up the fabric in preparation for this event is usually beyond the limits of my patience.

So I won't give you a tutorial on how to sew a slipcover, because I absolutely refuse to admit how long it took me to make a basic rectangle. But I will show it off, because no matter how ridiculously overcomplicated and fraught I made this process, I actually did make a halfway decent slipcover!

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