Saturday, August 22, 2015

Counter Culture

One more room off the checklist! We installed the counter top over the washer and dryer, completing the mudroom.

We used a reclaimed piece of marble that we found at Ballard Reuse for an incredible price. Because it's thinner than a normal slab and has initials scratched into it, we think its first life was as the wall of a shower.

Marble is already fragile, and the thinness of this piece made it more so. And we own exactly zero tools appropriate for working large pieces of stone. Some random guy also perusing the stone slabs gave us the rather terrifying advice that we should just toss it on our table saw and hold the garden hose over it. Despite (because of?) that brilliant idea, we decided to go with a pro on this one.

Not a professional.
So after hefting a giant stone slab around in the back of our Jeep, then letting it sit in the carport while we tried to find someone willing to do the work at a reasonable price, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and well it all came together once we got going. (By the way, if you're local and need some stone counters, Allen at Unique Tops does great work.)

Here's how it looked before:

And now ... drumroll please ...

Reincarnation is sweet.
I'm actually enjoying folding laundry now, which I guess officially makes me a boring old woman. BUT, I'm a boring old woman with an awesome laundry room. So there's that.

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