Saturday, August 1, 2015


The. Kitchen. Is. Done.


We just put up the final piece, the pantry door. The kitchen came with a nifty pull-out pantry, but it was missing its front. It's a custom size, so we couldn't find an off-the-rack cabinet face. But making it ourselves is better anyway, since we can do something unique and fun.

First, we cut a piece of white melamine to fit the door opening. Then we sealed up the cut edges with iron-on edging for a seamless look. We had talked about making the base door more elaborate, but our kitchen cabinets are simple flat fronts. This matches, and also blends nicely into the wall when closed. It's pretty slick.

And a simple door gave us space to play with funky handles. When we stumbled across a three foot long wooden fork and spoon at a salvage shop, I had to have them!

And you know I had to paint them red.
These were meant to be wall hangings, not handles, so we had to do a little tweaking. We used scrap wood to create spacers behind them, so they would look and feel right when mounted. Then we bolted the entire assembly to the door.

Brett contemplates an extremely large plate of spaghetti.
Also, yes, we are using the patio furniture as a sawhorse.
Once the door was built, I figured our work was basically done. This was, naturally, completely wrong. Since this isn't the way a door was meant to be installed on the pantry (and I think there are some pieces missing to boot), we had to get very creative with our installation.

Attempt #1. Cue imminent failure.
First, Brett tried stacking up some boards on the floor, so we could keep the door aligned with its closed position as we opened it up and screwed into the back. This made perfect sense in theory. Of course in theory, our floors would be level. In practice, they're so pitched they could make you seasick. If I ever lose my marbles, I'll know which corner of the house to search.

Time for Attempt #2.

So far, so good.
Our new strategy was to make a paper template of the door, marking the exact places we  needed to drill pilot holes for the screws. We cut the template carefully, then slowly and meticulously taped it into place and marked it. We had everything all set to drill. We laid the template against the back of the door.

That's when we realized we'd marked it upside down.

Classic Audrey and Brett style.

Time to walk away for a little while...
After having a minor nervous breakdown, we taped it back up in the correct direction (now with large arrows drawn in marker) and repeated the process.

After much adjusting, kerjiggering, and hefting, we finally got the door installed in just the right spot. And it was so worth it!

Food tastes more delicious when it comes from this pantry.

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