Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Watch our Garden Grow

We recently built some raised beds for the garden. But they looked so lonely standing there, empty and with nothing around them! So we tucked them in.

First, we mulched the pathways around the beds with wood chips. That helps suppress weeds (and oh boy, do we have weeds.) Tree services will sometimes deliver bulk coarse wood chips for free, but unfortunately none in our area had any available at the time we needed them. We did find a nearby place that sells them for 10 bucks a yard, though.

For some reason, we picked the hottest week of the year to do this.

After mulching the pathways, we lined the bottoms of each bed with hardware cloth. This will keep digging critters from burrowing into the beds and munching on our veggies. No Beatrix-Potter-type mischief allowed here.

Pathways! Hardware cloth! Whee!
Now we're in the process of filling them up with soil. It's a lot of work before we even plant anything! But we're almost there. (Do I say that every post, about every project? Probably.)

We're also trying to let ourselves take the occasional day/weekend off to enjoy the gorgeous weather. When I feel like complaining about slow progress, I try to remind myself about all the fun things we've gotten to do instead.

I'm confused, Mom. What is this "camping"? It doesn't even make sawdust!

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