Friday, July 10, 2015

Getting Bed-der All the Time

We're one step closer to the veggie garden of my dreams!

With all the debris and old grass pulled out, the yard was bare, smooth, and ready for raised beds. So we built four.
Tip - build beds upside down, so the tops are perfectly level.

Another tip - look busy when the inspector arrives to check your progress.
 We were able to reuse all the materials for this project. The boards were left over from pulling down old fence sections.  Friends gave us cedar posts they've salvaged from their old fence (thanks, Susanne and Tim!), which we used to connect the corners and anchor the beds into the ground. And we had some galvanized screws and nails in our stash already.

Well, we'll have screws and nails if nobody tries to eat them.
Although we want these to be as durable as possible in wet conditions, we decided not to use any pressure treated wood. Old pressure treated wood is NOT safe for vegetable beds. Sources differ on the safety of new materials, which are less toxic but may still leach some amount of undesirable chemicals. We figured better safe than sorry. We used cedar for the corner posts because it's naturally rot-resistant.

I can't wait to get some soil and plant veggies!

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