Saturday, June 6, 2015

Small House Survival

Our house is small. Personally I love the size, even if we plan to add a small human or two to our pack at some point. I like the reduced cost, smaller environmental impact, and increased togetherness of a space that's not too large.

However, there is one thing that's absolutely essential for small house survival: smart storage. I want our spaces to feel open and relaxing, never cluttered. And I HATE HATE HATE not knowing where to find something. I am a librarian, after all. Brett's lucky I don't put Dewey Decimal labels on everything we own.

(Obviously I would never actually do that. Library of Congress would be a much better classification system for us. Or I could create our own custom taxonomy! Where's that label maker? Wait, back to the point...)


So here's one little way we added some storage.

The small bathroom off the mudroom is very, very narrow. But we're blessed with high ceilings on the whole first floor, so we added some built-in shelving to make use of the vertical space.

First, we screwed ledgers into the wall. These are boards that the shelves will sit on.  

Hard at work, alledgerdly

In the corners, we were able to screw right into the studs. But the shelves are only 12" deep, and the studs are 16" apart. We were worried that the ledgers wouldn't be able to hold enough weight if we just used regular drywall mollies. We did a little research and decided that metal mollies would do the trick.

Once the ledgers were attached to each side wall, we cut the shelves to the right width and set them on top.

That's it for functionality - they're now ready to use. We did face them with some nicer-looking wood to cover the ledgers and seams.

Fill with junk and call it a day!
I just dumped a bunch of homeless items onto these shelves for the moment, so they'll look a little nicer later on.

Hooray for storage!

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