Friday, June 19, 2015

Installing a Counter Top over a Washer and Dryer

Almost done with the mudroom!

Now that our washer and dryer are actually next to each other, we're putting a countertop over them. This will give them a built-in look, and also make a large functional surface for folding, ironing, etc.

First, we needed to build a frame to secure and support the counter top. A rectangular frame above the washer and dryer, mounted to the wall, will hold up the heavy top. Then a piece of MDF on the exposed side will help shore up the side not touching a wall, and also create a nice finished-looking edge.

Is my husband sexy or what?

We built the frame first, then installed it securely to the wall.

Bonus - now the washing machine can't vibrate itself halfway across the room.

We found a piece of salvaged marble that's about the right size, so that will be the top. Where we're a little stuck, though, is finding someone to cut it to the right size. We don't have the right tools, and there's no room for error so we can't experiment. We found a couple places that will work with our material, but they're crazy expensive! Hopefully we can find a good solution soon.

In the meantime, we have an empty counter top frame in the mudroom and a counter top in the carport. At this point I'm considering giving up and moving into the chicken coop.

Judgmental chicken says NO.

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