Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hermione Can Swim!!!

Hermione major life milestone alert!

Hermie is about a year and a half old. She's been exposed to bodies of water regularly for her entire life. We live close to a variety of sandy, rocky, grassy, paved, and forested shorelines, and walk them often. But until this week, our pup showed absolutely zero interest in diving in. In fact, the first time she saw the Sound, she tried to scare the waves away by barking at them. Sometimes she still tries to bite the ocean. Any accidental exposure to moisture is met with furious paw-licking.

 She doesn't even get along with the hose.

So when we took Hermie to a popular dog beach last weekend, we were mostly thinking about our own toes in the water, not hers.

A few minutes in to our walk, Hermione started intently watching the other dogs, who were having a ball swimming around and playing fetch in the water. Then she followed us in! Pretty soon, she was willing to pick up a paw or two to reach a stick. Then another paw. Then ... swimming!!!

We spent the next hour squealing with glee as she chased sticks and other dogs into the water. She's still a little hesitant, and she won't go any further into the water than she's seen us walk. But she can swim! I can't wait to take her out in our kayak this summer.

This was seriously one of the most fun mornings I've had in my entire life.

(Also one of the most sunburn-y, but I guess that's the price you pay!)

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