Monday, April 13, 2015

What Nobody Tells You about Home Renovation

What nobody tells you about home renovation is ... that the rooms you AREN'T remodeling are going to be a bigger mess than the ones you are.

We're coming along on the mudroom, which is great, and is going to basically double the amount of storage we have in the house.

While we work on it, though, everything has to come out of the room. Every. Thing. Including the bits that were nailed down.

Where, you might ask, are all those fixtures, trim pieces, construction materials, and discards going to go? (And if you did ask that, you'd be smarter than I am, because I did not really think about this in advance.)

Let's play "Spot the item in the wrong room!" Step right up, contestants.

First off, the living room.

Did you find it yet? Hint: there are TWO in this picture!
And kitchen...

Don't forget to look under every puppy.
Dining room....

Which one of these items is not usually found in an eating area?
Even outside.
We're officially hillbillies now.

And that doesn't account for the ironing board leaning on the front door, the baseboard in the hallway, the random pieces of hardware in the kitchen, and please don't even ask me about the bedroom.

Oh well. At least the important things always stay where they're supposed to be.

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