Monday, April 20, 2015

We have Chickens!

Meet our ladies!

I'm happy to introduce Attila the Hen (Dominique), Queen Elizabeth (Buff Orpington), Henrietta (Rhode Island Red), Henny Penny (Silkie), and Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy (Ameraucanas).

They'll live inside, under a heat lamp, for a few weeks until they're old enough to move out to the coop. They seem to have adjusted pretty quickly to their new home, and they're busy eating, drinking, exploring, and making adorable peeping noises.

Hermione is a little confused by the whole thing. We're keeping her separate from the chicks, except for short supervised visits so they can hopefully get used to each other.  


Okay, now you can do what I'm spending all my free time doing, and stare at the babies some more.

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