Saturday, March 21, 2015

Home Decor Scores

It's fun to be at a point where we can think about decorating, even just a little. I try to keep an eye out for great deals on things we'll need eventually. Even if we have to stash them in the crawl space for a while, this method helps us find exactly what we want and find the best deals.

This week, we had two big decor victories!

First, a Craigslist find. We've been looking for a cute bistro set for the porch for a while. And now that it's warming up, I've really been feeling the lack of patio furniture. Bonus: the woman selling this was 3 minutes from where I work.

The first of many relaxing mornings, sipping coffee on the deck

The second awesome find was from a local artist. Bainbridge Farm Goods makes these really eye-catching metal signs for backyard farmers. We already had one of her pieces, and I'm probably going to wind up with a collection.

I was poking around on her Etsy shop, and I stumbled across a sign that is the absolute spitting image of Hermione. This could seriously be a custom-made picture of her. A custom look without the custom price? I had to have it!

Prepare to be amazed.

Work the runway, Hermie!


  1. Look at her posing here. Haha

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