Monday, January 19, 2015

Trim Trimmery

The wainscotting continues!

Putting up what feels like miles of trim might get tedious after a while, if it weren't for my goofball husband deciding to channel Mary Poppins.

A couple times an hour, I hear him singing under his breath:

"Oh a nail gun full of brads makes the wainscot go up, the wainscot go up, the wainscot go up"
"Trim trimmery, trim trimmery, trim trim trimroo"

... followed by happy little off-key humming noises.

Then a nail doesn't go all the way in, or a cut isn't quite right, and the humming is replaced by loud swearing, the miter saw buzzing, and a whole lot of banging.

Ten minutes later, though.... trim trimmery, trim trimmery, trim trim trimee.

Hermione helps by making sure the hammer tastes good. 

And the result is pretty spectacular! Check out this corner. And that's before caulking and painting!

This is the kind of thing I get excited about now. I clearly live a life of adventure and mystery.
I'm really looking forward to finally being able to hang some art. That will really make it feel homey in here!

If you want to see the inspiration for this project, or learn more about the materials we're using, read this post.

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