Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trim the Cabinets and Deck the Walls

Fa la la la la!

Around here, we deck the halls in our own way. Sure, we're a couple weeks behind everyone else. Sure, our "trim" is actual 8' wood trim instead of tinsel, and our decorating involves a pneumatic nail gun rather than shiny ornaments. But since this is as close to Christmas decorating as our nice Jewish family is going to get, we're going to enjoy it.

Since completing the backsplash and generally reassembling our kitchen, the whole room was tantalizingly close to finished. It was just missing several pieces of trim - under the sink, above the dishwasher, in a few nooks and crannies. This weekend, we tackled those final steps.

This is how our sink has looked for months - floating above cut-off cabinets.

Brett fits in a piece of MDF we cut with the jigsaw.
I have no pictures of that, because my free hand was being used to stop Hermione from eating sawdust. Mmm.

Just ignore the dirty dishes, la la la.
We did have to special order a couple pieces of trim, so I can't call the kitchen officially done yet. But soon. Oh yes, soon. 

Then, in some kind of fit of new-year productivity, we also started putting up the trim on the walls. We're planning a board and batten style, like this:

Inspiration from Young House Love

Inspiration from Centsational Girl

Both of those pictures are from awesome DIY bloggers who provide full tutorials, so check them out.

We're breaking up the cost by starting with just the rails and ledge. We'll fill in the vertical boards later on. We're using 1x3 MDF for the rail and 1x2 for the ledge.

The first rail goes up!

And the first ledge. Two feet down, 73 to go!

Obviously, more pictures of the walls will be coming soon. Try to contain your excitement.

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