Monday, January 12, 2015

Making a Home

It's so much fun to start putting on the finishing touches that make our house feel like home.

First, the last real piece of the kitchen! I can't call the kitchen officially done, because we're still missing a door for the pantry. But you can't see that from inside the cooking space, and I still want to celebrate something.  So ... er ... phase one complete?

First, we added trim to the mystery cabinet we randomly discovered inside the wall.
Doesn't everyone have one of those?

General badassery with the new nail gun.
Best. present. ever.

Then we needed some trim for the top and bottom of the bar. As you'll recall, it's curved. After snapping a bunch of regular quarter round, we ordered this flex-trim stuff. It's terrifyingly bendy. We nailed it right on in one piece. Please don't tell me what it's made of, and just let me enjoy my pretty pretty trim.
The Hulk.

The Quality Control inspector agrees we're ready to paint.
I didn't really believe it would ever all be one color!
And with that, we say goodbye and good riddance to kitchen work (for a while).
On to the next project!

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