Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stop Stair-ing

We installed permanent stairs on the deck a while back, but I never had a chance to post about them. Since I'm now laid up with a rollicking case of the flu, and speaking more than three words at a time makes me hack up a lung, I suddenly have lots of time to type.

There's a main and side entrance to the property, so we decided on two sets of stairs: one wide, grander-looking set for the main entry, and then one regular-width side stair. Each set is two steps high. Before we built the permanent steps, we were using portable boat stairs in the front and a tree stump on the side. Super safe!

Here's the main stair, all finished but the painting.

More stairs mean more pumpkins!

Brett was really excited about doing the stairs. Apparently building your own stringers (that's the support and side pieces) is some kind of carpentry rite of passage. I thought we'd just need the ones at the ends, but I'm informed that that's not enough to make the stairs structurally stable, blah blah blah. So Brett cut about ten these for the two staircases.

Reader, meet stringer.

 I'd say he passed with flying colors, wouldn't you?

Once those are made, the rest is pretty easy. We flattened out the ground for the base of the staircases to rest on, attached the stringers to the deck, and nailed boards down on top of them for treads. Then we nailed thin strips to the vertical areas of each stair, called risers. 

The last steps will be to paint and to install strips of lattice under the open porch. I'm a little worried that we might already have animals living under there; Hermione, our little ratter, is suddenly very interested in one specific corner.

We're going to wait until it's not below freezing outside to take care of those finishing touches. In the meantime, we all love having fully functional stairs!

I love dragging my Mom down the stairs! Wheee!

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