Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Raise the Rutabagas

I've discovered my new very favorite type of construction. It's the kind that we hire other people to do :-)

Okay, seriously, I love that we're doing our renovation ourselves, and that I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in every room of my home. But we came across a project that was better to hire out, and I have to say that it is amazingly lovely to come home at the end of the day and see that things have gotten done.

Hard at work.

This project was a set of terraced raised beds. Our house is below street level, so there's a large sloping hillside in one area. However, that spot gets the best sun, so it's the natural place for our vegetable garden. We decided to cut terraces into the hillside to turn it into easy-to-access raised beds.

Hillside on the right, with the terracing started.

When we considered doing this ourselves, it meant renting earth-moving equipment for cutting the terraces and moving soil, and then lots (and lots and lots) of heavy lifting to create stacked-stone retaining walls. Considering that opening a plastic bottle is a feat of strength for me, we figured that this would take us approximately forever. On top of that, it would still be expensive to rent the equipment and buy the materials. We decided to go with a landscaping company.

We went with Harvesterra, a local design/build landscaper that specializes in edibles. Perfect! They were a great choice - they burned through the work in about a week, and even found us some leftover stone to use.

I love the result!! Each level is about 7 feet deep, so there's space for a 4-foot growing bed and a comfy 3-foot mulched walking path. Plus, Aaron at Harvesterra suggested and added those awesome stone stairs up the middle.

I'd be super excited to start growing things, if I wasn't buried under every blanket in the house to ward off the 20 degree weather. Brrr. Spring, hurry it up, I'm ready for you!

Is it warm yet?

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