Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Howl-o-ween with an Easy DIY Pet Costume

In my previous post, you may have noticed an evilly adorable monster-puppy running around with bat wings.

Surprise - that little creature of darkness is Hermione in costume! (Bet you never would have guessed.)

I made her bat wings to fit over her regular harness. I used only common craft supplies I already owned, and the whole thing took less than half an hour. Want to know how to make your own pair?

  • 3 sheets of felt, wool is best but the craft-store junk is fine
  • Sewing machine OR needle and thread OR craft glue
  • Your dog's harness
  • Martha Stewart bat-wing template (free)


  • First, print out the bat wing template.
I used this only as a general guideline in order to make a similar shape in a different size. As sized, her wings would have been huge on my teeny pup. And while it would have been adorable for her to have huge wings to match her huge ears, I was running low on felt. 

  • Trace the template on to your craft felt and cut out. You need three identical layers. 
I tried to cut each layer separately, which turned out to be a mistake - I spent the bulk of my time on this project trimming and re-trimming felt until they lined up right.

The point of using three layers is to make the wings stiff enough not to flop around. I considered trying stiffened felt instead, but 1) I would have to leave the house to go get it, and 2) the plushy look of the thicker layers is cute.

Also, I didn't have enough black (see "low on felt," above), so I used 1 piece of black and 2 pieces of orange. I actually really like the effect!

  • Line the three layers up, pin together, and sew around the edges.
You could probably also use craft glue. I'm a seriously novice sewer - it's a major accomplishment if I don't sew my fingers to my project - and even I thought this was pretty easy. Craft glue doesn't always look nice when it's dry, and it takes forever to set. Since I have no patience, sewing won out.

  • Add decorative stitching.
By which I mean, that one line of stitching I put through the center of each wing. You could go really crazy and do two or three.

  • On to attaching the wings! Cut a small strip of felt (I used scrap from cutting the wings) which will wrap around your dog's harness.
  • Glue or sew ONE end in place.

    • Fold the other side of the strap around the harness and pin into place. 

    • Fly away!

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