Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Accidental Coffee Table

When we moved into this house, we found all kinds of interesting things laying around in odd places: old doors, spare bits and bobs, a few tools, a few surprises. One of our favorite finds was an old trunk in the crawl space. It's just too perfect - exactly the right amount of roughed-up to look well traveled but not thrashed.

A previous owner of the home worked on sets for TV and movies (and a lot of his interior remodels were done with leftover set pieces), so I'm imagining some kind of interesting cinematic back story here.

I knew right away that it would be the perfect coffee table. All it needed was a good clean and some legs. And by "a good clean," I mostly mean "to be left out in the sunlight until I was sure all the spiders had moved out."

Useful, lovely, and spider-free!

We picked up a few unfinished wood legs for just a couple dollars a piece, and then I stained them black.

This kind of leg comes with a screw attached, so Brett drilled a hole in each corner of the trunk, and we just secured each leg in place with a bolt. Done!

Bonus: Hermione thinks the new table is delicious.

Now I just need to re-cover the inside with fresh contact paper or fabric so we can really use it for that holy grail of small home ownership - extra storage! Cue the angels singing.

This is what an angel looks like, right?

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