Friday, October 31, 2014


Let's just establish this from the start: I am obsessed with Halloween.

I love to decorate the house so it changes with the seasons, I adore seeing kids having so much fun, and above all, I have a lifelong love of the eerie and macabre. I blame R.L. Stine.

With all the work we've been doing on the house, we didn't have much energy to put into decorating or celebrating this year, but I think we still made a respectable showing.

My wonderful hubby brings up the Halloween decorations.

It sounds like most kids trick-or-treat in the very dense neighborhoods close to town, but I HAVE AN EVIL PLAN. MUAHAHAHA!

When I was a kid, there was a woman in the neighborhood who dressed up as a witch. And not a good witch, or a cheesy fake-looking witch - a green-skinned, hook-nosed, long-nailed cackling practitioner of the dark arts. To get your candy, you had to walk right up to her and put your hand in her cauldron. It's a miracle I didn't drop dead of a heart attack on the spot. It was basically the best thing ever.

So now that we're going to be in a house of our own, year after year, I'm going to do the same. Even if only a few kids come this year, hopefully word will spread, and we'll become a community destination for delicious, delicious terror. Come, little children ....

Run for your souls.

Plus, I'm giving out full size candy bars.

Like any witch worth her warts, I also have a companion animal. Meet my pet bat. (I'll follow this with a post on how to make this costume.)

Mommy, I don't know about this ...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deck Victory!!

The deck ... is ... finished!

I'm still trying to cope with the mind-blowing luxury of being able to walk to my front door without risking my life. Or even my ankles. We can now invite people over without asking if they have accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Will wonders never cease!


Next up: the staircase. Somebody blessedly gave us a set of temporary stairs, so functionally we'll still be able to navigate easily while we're constructing. That will start next weekend. Then on to the arbor! It's a big project but it's going to be gorgeous.

Happiness reigns in Hermione's house.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shana Tova - A Sweet New Year!

For the last week, we've been celebrating the High Holy Days, the start of the Jewish new year. It's fun to think about where the house, and our little family, will be at this time next year! It feels especially appropriate to appreciate this new beginning in autumn, when I always get a surge of new energy and enthusiasm for all things homey.

Charging ahead!

We've also been pretty inward-focused on ourselves, rather than on the house. In addition to attending services, I got a cold, Hermione got fleas, and Brett was on crutches. Between the three of us, we spent a lot of time grumbling and slathering clove oil on everything in sight.

So we are still, frustratingly, a tantalizing three feet away from finishing the deck. Sigh. Well, it will get done in the new year!

On the productive side, we have now scrubbed the house from stem to stern. It's cleaner and more organized that it's been in ... er, actually, ever.

Hermie poses while plotting how to make a new, bigger mess in the new year.
See you in 5775!