Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Like a Wrecking Ball

We finally, finally, finally demolished the rotting front porch.

Okay, it's only been two months, but it feels like forever. I've been hesitant to have people over because I'm worried they'll fall through the porch (something the hubby has already done several times.) So it's a huge relief to have it gone.

You know the porch was bad when it's comforting to have a giant gaping hole in front of the house.

How exactly is that attached?

Brett has the eerie feeling that he's being watched.
Finding out what was underneath it was also an adventure. You know that memory game, Johnny has an Apple in his Pocket? (In his pocket, Johnny has an apple, a balloon, a cat ...) Well, under their porch, Audrey and Brett found:

Several bones
A milk jug
A long, coiled up wire that is attached to the house but goes nowhere
A doll shoe
A bowling ball

And that's just for starters. Hermione has been digging up bones from under the porch since we moved in, so mostly I'm just glad we didn't find a skeleton. CSI BI.

The bowling ball was kind of a surprise, though.

We had a ton of amazing help with the demo! A neighbor we know from Facebook, Bryan, came over to lend a hand despite never having met us in person. Then our friend Ian, who is stronger than all of us combined and owns a 3-foot crowbar, came in the afternoon and basically destroyed the entire thing in twenty minutes.

We then put our our resourcefulness pants and shoved a tree stump into the hole as a makeshift staircase.

(The next day we were given a set of temporary stairs, thank the lord.)

Now we're working on rebuilding. Brett is designing and re-designing away, and I'm sanding and painting the decking.

That's not a weird tan line - I'm covered in sawdust.

I know it's going to be a little while before it's done, but I can't wait!

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