Monday, July 7, 2014

Thrifting! Plus, A "Quick" Project, Three Days Later

So we finally did something that I've been dying to do since we bought the house: went thrifting!

We hit up a slew of architectural salvage places (Earthwise, Second Use, Ballard Reuse) and the mega Rotary Auction (for those of you not on BI, it's literally ACRES of rummage sale.) Our scores:

  • A three-foot tall wooden fork and spoon, which will become giant awesome pantry handles once there is actually a door on the pantry
  • A sweet vintage schoolhouse light 
  • A couple wood stools for our breakfast bar
  • Neato vintage hinges to replace a broken one on our bedroom door

So much fun! We are still looking for a fireplace mantle and a cabinet face for the pantry, so more forays to come!

We were tired after all that bargain-hunting, so we decided just to take on a quick project. Cue the laughter now.

We decided to hang the schoolhouse light. There was a big ceiling fan there already, so we figured it would just be a matter of taking down the fixture, maybe swapping out the mounting hardware, and voila. 

Not exactly sexy
Then we took down the fan.

And found ...

I have no words.

I have no idea how to describe the DIY solution that was holding up and wiring that fan. I'm pretty sure it was safe, but we really couldn't reuse it. Half a day, a trip to the hardware store, and a lot of help from the handy next-door neighbor later, we had light!

Apparently by this point I was too emotionally numb to remember to take a picture, so I'll post that next time. This was not the only questionable decision I made in that moment, however...

Okay, we thought. That wasn't so bad! I mean sure, it was supposed to take twenty minutes and instead it took twenty hours, but that was a one-time fluke, amirite?

So we decided to tackle the ugly sconces...

Although I do like feeling like I'm in an elevator lobby in my own house.

Guess what happened next.

Yes, that's a broken j-box. And yes, that's a half-installed sconce hanging off the wall in the background.

Hopefully we'll finish our "quick" project tonight, three days after we started it.

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